IMX6ULL-SoM is Industrial IMX6ULL CPU driven by OpenWrt! So now you can use OpenWrt not in fun projects based on development board or to customize your home router but it gives you way to design ready for mass production hardware product based on such powerful distributive like OpenWrt. Open Source code with out-of-box working software samples implementing such solutions like video- and audio-streaming and open hardware development board helps to reduce time-to-market. 


Few years ago we were surprised that there are no ways to design custom hardware driven by OpenWrt.

The scope of OpenWrt application was limited to fun projects based on development boards or home Wi-Fi routers firmware modifications. But fast growth of IoT  is driving the desire to use OpenWrt not only in “for fun” projects but to develop hardware products aimed for commercialization and mass production.

IMX6ULL is based on NXP IMX6ULL processor having rich set of interfaces like Ethernet, USB, CAN, SAI, parallel CSI and others powerful enough to use it in communication and video-, audio- streaming solutions.

Highly optimized BOM gives low cost SoM that can be used in mass production devices.

Open source code. Out-of-box software examples each of them implemented as separate OpenWrt configuration. Here is list of currently available configs:

  • lorawan-gateway-ethernet – implements LoRaWAN gateway functionality. Can be used with GW-01-RPI board.
  • lorawan-gateway-wifi – DEPRECATED. Will be replaced with IMX6ULL-W-SoM and IMX6ULL-2EW-SoM.
  • video-stream-ethernet – implements video streaming solution using RTSP or MPEGTS. Based on OV5640 sensor.
  • video-stream-wifi – DEPRECATED.
  • audio-stream-ethernet – implements audio streaming (SIP telephony) solution. Based on WM8960 codec (WM8960 module under development).

Open hardware extension board gives you way to get first prototypes of device you are developing in down to few weeks (ideally by simple redesign of existing development board and throwing out of board unused functionality).